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Every great token project needs great shillers. That's why Shill Company exists.

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Why it's awesome

Active community is the key to every token growth

And to prove it, we have a unique way to make our community grow. As you have probably noticed, independant shillers often come to Telegram groups to offer their service. That's how easily we will continuously recruit new shillers that will be shown in our marketplace afterward.

Join Our Community
  • Shillers come to offer their services

    We then go in Dm with them, talk about their work, and see what they have to offer.

  • We try them to validate them

    Our deal with us is simple. We ask them to shill for us for free. This part works as a quality control, and it's the only way for them to appear on the marketplace and get exposure.

  • Snowball effect

    But that's also what will make the project grow fast since every shillers that is on the marketplace, is a shiller that have spread the word with its skill.

You can find either internationnal or community oriented shillers

Depending on the work you need to be achieved, or the audience you need to target, you can find the people you need in our marketplace, filtered by the type of work you are searching.


Our Active Members

With our original recruiting system, the growth of shillers is constantly increasing.


Telegram Shiller

Moderator - Meme Lord
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Traditionnal Tokenomics

If you're here to see conventionnal tokenomics, here they are (but you should probably see next section)

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